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Come join Atlanta's, human-centered software company. Our team consists of software engineers, people who design for screens, and others who support the thoughtful execution of the former.

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Bringing humanity back to computing by providing tools, insights, and experiences from our life as a human-centered software team.

Open Source Projects

A set of tools and reources crafted by team members... for the betterment of the internet.


A responsive JQuery slider

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A rapid setup and install tool for Rails

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Convert your site into a treadmill with Javascript

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A Tasty Javascript Scroll Utility

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A JQuery Video Tracking Utility

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A CSS animation to build Star Wars style intros

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Default Rails Gems

Since our founding in 2012, we've spun up hundreds of projects. These are the gems that have survived the test of time. We work to include them as a baseline for every project. Each function has it's alternatives, but these are the ones we've vetted and choose to use.

gem 'pg'                        // Database
gem 'rails-settings-cached'     // Site Settings
gem 'bootstrap'                 // CSS Framework
gem 'material-sass'             // Material UI Framework
gem 'material_icons'            // Material UI Icons
gem 'haml-rails'                // Streamline Markup
gem 'simple_form'               // Forms made easy
gem 'paper_trail'               // Auditing or versioning
gem 'ahoy'                      // Visit and Impression Tracking
gem 'friendly_id'               // Slugging and permalink
gem 'kaminari'                  // Pagination
gem 'tinymce-rails'             // WYSIWYG Editor
gem 'meta-tags'                 // Page Meta Data
gem 'devise'                    // User Authentication
gem 'rmagick'                   // Image Processing and Manipulation
gem 'letter_opener'             // Simulating email delivery in development
gem 'dot-env'                   // Environment Variables on development
gem 'faker'                     // Generator for dummy seed data
gem 'rspec-rails'               // Test suite for Rails
gem 'database_cleaner'          // Reset Database between tests
gem 'factory_bot_rails'         // Fixtures for Tests
gem 'rails-controller-testing'  // Controller Testing Tool
gem 'capybara'
gem 'simplecov'                 // Test Coverage Analytics


gem 'split'                     // Server side A/B Testing
gem 'cancancan'                 // Authorization Library
gem 'stripe'                    // Credit Card Processor
gem 'twilio-ruby'               // SMS delivery

We're Hiring

Come work at Polar Notion. We're quirky bunch but you'll love the ride.

Software Intern

A 3 month experience. We help early stage professionals overcome the experience dilema via real work experience. Whether you transition up to an apprentice or end up moving onto another gig, it's a great opportunity to get tech experience.

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